About Us

Hull Independent Producers aspires to both make and encourage the local creation of Films, Plays, Games and Music for the Web, TV, Mobile, Radio and Cinema.

It takes its inspiration from the founder of the British Film Industry and creator of the Rank Organisation J. Arthur Rank (b. 1888), a Hull man. Who started with a loose collective of film producers called… Independent Producers.

The massive empire he built was in part created by the circumstances the country found itself in after the 2nd World War, depleted and in need of education and entertainment.

He saw the need and sourced the facilities, people and investment to supply it. Eventually owning the Odeon Cinema chain and the influential Pinewood, Elstree and Denholm Film Studios, who’s output eventually gave Hollywood a run for its money.


Like his American counterparts, he knew that by owning a films production and its distribution to the masses, he could make his fortune and in doing so was largely responsible for establishing the British Film Industry as we know it.

So although we admire his empire building, entrepreneurial spirit, our challenge is a different one.

Today, creative producers have the online world. A way to connect with potentially millions of people globally, on their multiple devices. And with small networked teams and relatively low means of production it has never been easier to create “content” for this world.

Plays, Books, Comics, Newspapers, Films and TV programmes are this centuries “story delivery vehicle” of choice for artists, writers and ideasmiths. They all now interconnect in more complex ways to take their authors intellectual property (IP) to their relative audience, on and offline. Requiring a whole host of people skilled in their production.

Content creators of all levels and experience, are once again in a great position to feed a hungry world with education and entertainment. Without owning the studios and cinemas.

Hull Independent Producers hope to play its small part in finding, developing and producing that content.

In doing so we aim to connect, support and promote active, local creative producers and networks, who wish to share the same vision of a thriving Film and Creative Industry in Hull.