The Hull Story. It’s past, present and future!

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The Hull Story. It’s past, present and future!

Through the eyes of Hull born, Hollywood Screenwriter Gavin Scott.

A film project by Paul Dennis and Gavin Scott.

The Hull Story is a feature-length documentary which will bring together the past and present of the city through the eyes of novelist and screenwriter Gavin Scott, who was born in Hull in 1950. Through his mother, now 95, he’s able to extend the city’s story back through the war years to the 1920s, and through his grandfather back through the First World War to the Hull of the 1880’s. By combining a visual exploration of Hull with archive film and photographs and interviews with his own contemporaries and the generation before Gavin will create a mosaic of the city’s story in popular memory – and a vision of how it is adapting to the future.

Above: Our short trailer for the project filmed in Hull’s Streetlife Museum, September 2016. (VIEW IN FULL SCREEN).

Much of Hull’s image is based on the rise and fall of fishing, but The Hull Story will emphasize the city’s much more complex industrial past, present and future. Gavin’s mother worked for Reckitt’s, his father for Waddington’s and he is fascinated by how Hull came to be an industrial center and how today’s industry is evolving. He’ll talk to people who remember the industries of the past and the people, from engineers to entrepreneurs, who are shaping the industries of the future.

The Hull Story will also look at how Hull’s industrial personality comes from its geographical position – on the flat Holderness plain which led to the monastic windmills and the milling industry – and on the edge of the North Sea, which brought it into the Baltic trade and now link it to Britain’s offshore wind farms.

Those Baltic shipping routes also made it one of the first ports of call for refugees fleeing persecution in Russia and Eastern Europe right up to the First World War, and a significant proportion of the Jewish Diaspora turns out to have made their first landfall in Hull. The Hull Story will explore the memories of their descendants too, and the city’s links to the entertainment industry through such diverse personalities as Maureen Lipman, Tom Courtenay, Ian Carmichael and J. Arthur Rank.


Above: Hull City Council Leader Stephen Brady believes the documentary would be a great contribution to the City of Culture year.

For Gavin, with childhood memories of exploring Wilberforce House, the warehouses on the River Hull, High Street, Dinsdale’s Joke Shop and the Land of Green Ginger, Hull is a magical place, and with his screenwriter’s imagination he can conjure up the city that was the fulcrum for King Edwards’ wars against the Scots, that defied Charles I in a crucial phase of the Civil Wars, and that stood up to the west Hitler had to throw at it during World War II.

Despite the depredations of the Luftwaffe there is still plenty of Hull’s architectural heritage left, and The Hull Story will explore it with the aid of a wealth of archival photographs and early film footage curated by the Yorkshire Film Archive and British Pathé, balancing the achievements of the past with Hull’s contemporary architectural experiments as seen in the Marina and The Deep.

The Hull Story will be a celebration of the city through the eyes of a master storyteller, weaving the memories of its people into a picture of how the city evolved, how it works today and how it will work in the century to come.

The Legacy: Hull’s 2017 City of Culture Year will provide an unprecedented amount of exposure to Hull both nationally and internationally. It’s £32m budget is being spent effectively to showcase ’UK Culture’ from Hull. A city that has for many years been overlooked. We hope this documentary will build on Hull’s initial thrust into the world spotlight and intrigue peoples around the world with it’s quirky past, present and future.

Funding: To amass and produce the content for the final documentary the producers will be researching, collating content and making mini individual stand-alone films of varying length of the local companies involved in Hull’s key industries. In the following areas:


Each Corporate MINI-DOC will be researched, written and presented by Gavin Scott in his professional and friendly style, aided by an authoritative team of local writers/historians.

These stand alone Corporate MINI-DOCS will create a valuable and historic timeline and a useful ongoing asset for those company’s own promotional purposes.

An additional version of each MINI-DOC can be edited to include a section covering an overview on Hull’s historic, civic, artistic, leisure and tourism highlights providing an opportunity to showcase the city itself. (Extending the length of the more business-focused original). These will include; Famous people from sport, film, politics, and the arts. A geographic and locational overview. Surprising facts.

All of these films will be housed online in a dedicated digital repository to be promoted as THE HULL STORIES.



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About Gavin Scott  Writer  | Producer  | Actor

Gavin Scott was born in 1950 in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England. He is a writer and producer, known for Small Soldiers (1998), The Borrowers (1997) and The Mists of Avalon (2001). Absolutely Anything (2015). See full bio »

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