If you have ever considered investing in a  feature film, a documentary, a new musical talent, or a play, but haven’t known how to go about it, Hull IP may be able to help.

Hull IP will be providing a range of options on how you may become involved in supporting new creative talent and acquiring the benefits and kudos for their future projects success. Either as an individual or as a corporate sponsor.

Especially relative to productions “Made in Hull:”

Hull IP will also be running screenings and presentations by those looking for investment in their creative projects to private investors and syndicates at PAD Studios. A short walk from Hull’s beautiful Marina, where you could almost imagine you are in Cannes (on a sunny day!).



Take a look at one option..  the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

Watch this space for more details, or fill in your details on the connect page and we’ll keep you informed.

Or if you’d like a private meeting about Hull IP’s own current projects in development, or any of the above,
call Paul Dennis on tel: +44 (0)7736 199368