Michael Jibson. One of Hull’s most versatile film and stage actors.

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It was good to chat with Michael Jibson at the premier of brother Paul’s short film BIRDS, which was held at Fruit Space in Humber Street last thursday.

Michael was in the film with fellow Hull actor Marc Pickering.

He stressed how important it has been for him to build and maintain good contacts within the industry (with a bit of luck thrown in)  as he explained to me the way his new project THE LIGHTHOUSE came into being.

THE LIGHTHOUSE, a feature film co-written by Michael and film director Chris Crow has been selected by the Film Agency for Wales emerging talent scheme CINEMATIC and awarded a budget of £300,000 in conjunction with the BFI, BBC Films, S4C and Soda Pictures.

Produced by David Lloyd of Dogs Of Annwn, the THE LIGHTHOUSE “A psychological thriller based on one of the most infamous incidents in Welsh maritime history” will go into production in the near future. Michael will also appear in the film as one of the two leading role.

Michael also said he would love to be involved in more filming in Hull. His brother is working on it.

Michael Jibson Montage from Michaeljibson on Vimeo.



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