The Other Spaces’ space is changing and theatre group E52 is thriving!

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The Other Spaces’ space is changing and theatre group E52 is thriving!


It seems like ages ago when my good mate Dave Windass asked me to design two logos for his theatre company and new city centre theatre space.

Ensemble 52 had been running for quite a while before Andrew Pearson and Richard Vergette added local playwright Dave as a Director in 2011. Bringing a new creative and promotionally savvy element to the mix. Symbolised eventually by the move into Malcolm Scott’s ground floor offices in 94 Alfred Gelder Street. A suitably alternative space for theatre productions by these three highly talented people, who truly care about the art.




Hence the Other Space (a name I also came up with) which seemed to sum up its local position in the theatrical pecking order.

Since the launch in May 2013 it has seen plays such as Cosmic by Tom Wells, Hull’s Angels a Janet Plater festive production, and City Sketch co-written by Windass and Vergette, which used almost the whole building.

Ensemble 52 are also about to bring Philip Larkin’s poem The Whitsun Weddings to life on a First Hull Trains journey to London Kings Cross on June 6th. Wedding couples will join the train at Hull and at platforms along the route. Audiences on board two carriages for the unique journey will also be able to hear exclusive one-off recordings of Larkin poems by Hollywood star Bill Nighy.

The Other Spaces’ space is also undergoing another transformation into… Kardomah, a name familiar to many in Hull as the tea and dance hall of the fifties and sixties, which was just around the corner in Whitefriargate.

Behind all this change is the muscle, energy and passion of Malcolm Scott himself, who wants to create a welcoming venue for all ages and demographics interested in theatre, comedy, music, film, poetry, art and anything else that can facilitate its entertaining use. A shrewd and much needed endeavour in the run up to the UK City of Culture year in 2017.

Seating up to approx. 150, a great light and sound rig, and I understand, a soon to be installed projection system, it looks all set to become a proper arts/event space.

Food and drink from its new cafe bar will be added in the next couple of months, making it a versatile and hopefully intimate venue for both day and night.

I will be using it myself for things Film related in connection to Hull Independent Producers events. Especially when I need a special late night kind of atmosphere, away from our space here on the Marina.

So the Other Space concept will keep adapting to whatever space makes itself available to it, as it has in this building… long live E52 @ Kardomah.


The Other Space launch (2013) from Ensemble52 on Vimeo.







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